Understanding how our payouts system works
Chariz operates its payout model in a way that is easy for you. We directly handle payments from users (which is why PayPal receipts say "Hashbang Productions" when purchasing products on Chariz). Once we receive the money from a transaction, we will hold it from being paid out for the next 30 days. This allows for some leeway in case a chargeback comes up or a user requests a refund.
If you haven't set a PayPal destination email by the time an automated payout is made, we will send out an email to you with instructions on how to claim your money.
After the 30 day period expires, the previously held money is now pending to be paid out to you. Because we enact the 30-day hold on transactions every day, that means that more money will be added to your pending amount every single day until payout days. Payout days happen on the 1st and the 15th of each month, where we will pay pending money out to your account from where it is solely now yours.
If you see an asterisk * next to your earning on the dashboard, it is below the $20.00 minimum payout threshold. You will receive this amount at the next payout date after you meet the threshold.
Payouts are completely automatic and you will receive 2 emails once they have been completed. The first one will be the typical email from PayPal letting you know that Hashbang Productions has sent you money. The second email will be an automated invoice from us, which includes a PDF that breaks down the payout.
The PDF serves as an official record for any taxes you may have to file in your respective country. The contents of the breakdown include:
  • Company ABN & Address — You may use this if you need to supply the origin of the payment
  • Chariz Payout ID — This corresponds to the payout ID in the Payments section on our dashboard
  • Earnings Range — Specifies the time period that this payout covers
  • Paypal email — Mentions the Paypal email along with the payout date
  • The individual breakdown of each paid product that you operate
    • Each product will include the platform fee listed as a difference
PDF invoices can be requested on-demand on any previous payout within the Payments tab on the dashboard. If you need a more customized time period, please contact us.
If necessary, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns you may have.
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