Purchase Transfers
Chariz provides functionality to transfer purchases from another store, including Packix and Cydia Store. This allows you to almost seamlessly transfer your customers’ purchases to your product’s new home on Chariz.
We do this by sending emails to a list of email addresses you provide. These emails include single-use unique token links, allowing the customer to create or log into their Chariz account, and have the purchase immediately transferred at no cost.
You will also be provided with a spreadsheet of these tokens, so any customer experiencing issues receiving the email (e.g. if they changed email addresses) can still contact you to receive their transfer link.
Example transfer email

Retrieving purchase lists

You will need to retrieve a list of all purchases from the store you are transferring from and provide them to us.

From Cydia Store

You will need your Cydia Store product ID, and API credentials.
Visit Cydia Connect. Select My Products, then the product you want to transfer. Make a note of the product ID in the last component of the URL.
Go back to the homepage and select API Credentials. Here you will find your Vendor ID and Secret Key. To get the actual key used with the Cydia API, you will need to compute the MD5 hash of these two values.
For example, for vendor ID hbang and secret key abcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890, you can get the MD5 with:
# On Linux, Cygwin, etc:
echo -n 'hbangabcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890' | md5sum
# On macOS:
echo -n 'hbangabcdef1234567890abcdef1234567890' | md5
The -n flag on echo is important. This prevents a newline from being inserted at the end, which would cause a different, incorrect MD5 to be computed.
Now, fill in the blanks in this URL to retrieve the full list of purchases:
curl '' -o roster.txt
This will write the full list of purchases to the file roster.txt. Compress this using your favorite zip tool, and send it to us.