The SKU (stock-keeping unit, a term borrowed from the world of warehousing) is a unique identifier for your product, seen in URLs and purchase receipts. Due to the unique requirements of the SKU, this cannot be changed after your first release.


The name of your product, visible on your product listing, and in product lists across the Chariz platform. Try to prefer a shorter name, as it is typically displayed as a single line of text that can become truncated.


The entity that owns your product, visible on your product listing, and in product lists across the Chariz platform. Try to prefer a name that will be recognized by existing fans of your work.

Accepting Purchases

When unchecked, the product will not appear in product lists on the website, regardless of the selected Visibility option. Customers who do not yet own the product will not be able to purchase (if paid), and no users will be able to download (if free). However, its listing will still be indexed by search engines.


Chariz provides multiple visibility levels that affect how your product is displayed across the Chariz platform. Choose the level of visibility that best suits the category and needs of your product.
Visible in product lists
Indexed by search engines
Appears in Recent Downloads
Displays explanation box
Hacker and Developer products display an orange explanation box above the product description, explaining the purpose of products in that category. The Hacker category should be used for products that require advanced knowledge of the command line and/or operating system, while the Developer category should be used for products such as libraries and frameworks that are likely to only ever be installed as a dependency of another package.
In all cases, the product listing can be accessed by users who have purchased the product (if paid) from their Account page or purchase receipt email, or via direct link. Note that Chariz cannot guarantee whether search engines will or will not index a product listing. This is just a signal known as the robots tag; how it is interpreted by search engines can vary.


Also review our guidelines on customer relations.


You can optionally provide the URL to the homepage of your product in this field. Chariz will provide a link to this in the sidebar of your product page.


Provide an email address customers can use to start a support request with you. Chariz requires an email address to be provided as a form of contact, so customers can report issues with the product. Chariz will provide a link to this in the sidebar of your product page, as well as in the purchase receipt email sent to customers.

Privacy Policy

Provide the URL to a Privacy Policy document. Chariz will provide a link to this in the sidebar of your product page.
Privacy Policy will soon be a requirement for products that access the internet. Details to come soon.


Compatibility information is used to inform users of whether your product will work with their hardware and software before they purchase. Chariz uses its best effort to warn a user of a potential incompatibility at the checkout, but this is only possible and accurate when checking out using the same device the product will be used on.
Don’t increase the maximum supported version until you are certain the product works on that version. Customers still have the option to purchase a product that is not yet listed as compatible with their configuration.


Also review our guidelines on assets.


Provide a PNG of at least 500×500px to use as your product’s icon. This should ideally be a square; do not round off the corners. When displayed on the Chariz platform, the icon will always have corners rounded.
The icon is displayed at a size of 60x60px on your product listing and across the Chariz platform, but may also be displayed at sizes larger or smaller than this as necessary.
Provide a PNG sized at exactly 1920×1080px to use as your product’s banner graphic. This will be displayed without cropping on mobile devices, and may be cropped at the top and bottom to appropriately fit the layout of tablet and desktop devices.
Consider using our banner template when designing your banner, to ensure no elements of your banner are obscured. You can also test your banner against this template by clicking “Preview” on the dashboard Product tab.

Tint Color

Provide an accent color to use on your product page, to create a more branded experience.
To ensure an optimal experience for all users of the Chariz platform, including those with lower vision, your selected tint color will be adjusted in light, dark, or both modes to improve contrast in accordance with WCAG 2.1 Success Criterion 1.4.3. This is also known as “AA” contrast.
You can use a contrast checker to test your tint color against a white light mode background (#FFFFFF) and black dark mode background (#000000). If it does not meet “AA” contrast, Chariz will adjust its brightness until it does.
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