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Writing your Description

Your product’s description is written in Markdown, allowing you to use rich text functionality to express your marketing copy. If you’re new to Markdown, visit for a tutorial.

Syntax Additions

Your screenshots display in a widget named the carousel. This widget scrolls horizontally, and “snaps” to each item for easier navigation on touch devices. You can place the carousel wherever you feel is appropriate for your listing, however, it usually makes sense for this to be at the top.

To insert the carousel, simply place the following in your desired location:


If you do not specify a location for the carousel yourself, it will be inserted for you at the top of the description.


Description assets that are not part of the carousel can be inserted by using Markdown image syntax, directly referring to the filename of the image. This will automatically expand to the full URL of the image.

![Main screen of my product](awesome-screenshot.jpg)

The same syntax also works for video assets. These will play automatically, on a loop, with audio muted.

![Video demo of my product](awesome-demo.mp4)

Remember to provide a descriptive label of your image/video so users who use screen reader technologies such as VoiceOver can understand what your image represents. This is especially important if your image contains marketing copy, headings, or other information you believe is important for a low-vision user to be aware of just as a full-vision user would.

You may leave the description field blank by using the syntax ![](myfile.jpg) if providing a description for this image/video wouldn’t add any useful information for screen reader users. This will cause screen readers to skip over the element.

YouTube Video

For longer video assets, we recommend uploading the video to YouTube and embedding the YouTube player in your description. You can do so with the same image syntax as above, instead substituting in your video’s “watch” URL:

![Video demo of my product](


  • Cydia does not support playing videos inline. Videos in your description will display a play button, which the user can tap to view your video in the fullscreen player.
  • You may find that your description displays differently in Sileo. This is due to its unique Native Depiction format. We make our best attempts to ensure rendering of Native Depictions closely matches the HTML-based rendering found on the website and other package managers such as Cydia and Zebra, but this process can be imperfect. While it’s not always possible to perfectly match the HTML-based description, if you believe there is a rendering issue with your description in Sileo, please contact us.
  • Aside from the specific functionality mentioned in the prior section, loading resources from external websites is not supported. Chariz uses a browser feature named Content Security Policy to enforce this.
  • To protect user privacy, upon clicking a link in your description, the HTTP Referer header will only contain, or in some cases, will not be present at all. This allows your analytics service to determine that the page was referred to from Chariz, without revealing the specific address the user visited from.