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Theme Submissions


Chariz will only accept high-quality themes that meet our criteria and receive generally positive feedback from the rest of the community. If we feel that your theme doesn't meet our strict criteria, we may deny your submission.

We are currently in the process of testing out themes on the Chariz platform. However, not all themes will be allowed as we will be looking at specific criteria that abide by our quality standards. Currently, we look for the following within a theme and its accompanying designer:

  • Theme quality, icon count, features (masks, settings icons, etc):
    • We expect that your theme contains a minimum of 300 icons.
    • Your theme must only consist of original artwork and designs.
    • Your theme must include settings icons.
      • Other special features are optional but recommended.
  • Having previous themes with a great reputation
  • Having a credible reputation as a designer in the community
  • Previously positive support experience and public interactions

Chariz has zero tolerance for stolen artwork. We may request you to provide proof of originality of your artwork, such as by providing specific PSD or Sketch files.

Keep in mind that we also require that you are compliant with our Refund Policy and our Seller Guidelines. If you are an existing Chariz seller, we may take that into consideration for your theme submissions in the future.